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Scattered Comics is an indie comic publisher located in Sacramento, California. Established by Jason Dube in 1991, Scattered Comics is a independent comic book group that brings together high caliber talents and self-published creators under one umbrella banner to work together as a group to help each other's studio imprints where it would be difficult to do alone. Each creator keeps all copyrights to their works, and is solely responsible for the comic books they create, the costs of printing, distribution and does not share in any sales/profits. Scattered Comics does Not dictate to the creators on what to create or do on their own comic book properties (IPs). As such, Scattered Comics also does not share the same opinions and/or views that may be expressed in each creators' comic book universes. We are all separate creators, with our own views and ideas, but looking past that, we work together to share in opportunities, resources, and advice and encouragement to each other. Each of our goals here is to bring the fans the best in Indie Comic Books. 


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