As Scattered Comics continues to grow that there was an obvious need to have more book options for the younger readers. “Awwwesome Sauce” is hoping to be able to fill that need as well as release some new comics that have been waiting in the wings for sometime.

The first segment is the “Lil Goths” comic. This series focuses on the cute little goths from the “Panda Days” universe. Watch as these adorable folks dressed in black struggle through fun-filled adventures in a bright and colorful world. This series promises to be very light and funny. For example, the first opening scene we see the group setting up a ice-tea stand to make money for Halloween costumes. (Of course setting it up in front of the local coffee shop might not be the best place). And each story will be self-contained so that you get a complete story each time. Written by Jason Dube and drawn by Bex Kurasai.