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Scooter Hamilton


Scooter is a husband, a father, an avid all around gamer, wannabe musician, CEO of pull up a chair Foundation, and the founder of Time2Tabletop. You will find him in front and behind the scenes of developing social emotional learning curricula and classes using tabletop games, organizing local events in Sacramento, producing live streams and a podcast network, and doing what he can to play more music and games. He enjoys being part of his local and online community so much that he is the CEO of pull up a chair Foundation, created D&D n RPGs of Sacramento, and Time2Tabletop! He is part of multiple projects that encompass community strongly believing that we can bring people together for the greater good. You will find him shouting out to anybody that will listen, “Go big or go BIGGER”, “Gaming together can save the world”, “pull up a chair and make the time.”

Find Scooter doing these things:

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