Timothy James

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Timothy James is a writer, artist and creator of multiple webcomic books, including TECHGAL and GREY LITERATURE and BLACK LABEL.  His work is heavily influenced by Japanese Manga and Anime.  He has won BEST ORIGINAL COMIC twice at the Sacramento Anime Convention (SacAnime).

Tim is currently working with indy publisher Scattered Comics as lead artist for their how-to-draw series COMICS vs. MANGA and a new webcomic series BORN.


http://patreon.com/stereoscopecomics (NSFW)


http://stereoscopecomics.deviantart.com (NSFW)



Amazon- http://a.co/d/9WDh1Ry

Drive-Thru- https://www.drivethrucomics.com/product/197372/Comics-Vs-Manga-Book-1